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Smart Senses

Vision Pixy2 Camera, USB HD Windows 3000 x 4 Camera Modules x 2 USB HD Cam x 2 Ultrasonic Sensor, Microphone, Sound HAT Module​

Smart Home

Security Cameras,
Smart Lighting, Smart Locks,
Smart Utilities, Energy Saving, Motion Detection,

Smart Video

Smart TV - Integrated TV - Movies, TV, Documentaries, and Comedy

Smart Network & Storage

Network Summary & Key Links

Linux Projects

Raspberry Pi Routers NAS Emulators

smart planning

Tools to make organisation easy

Smart Cloud, Network & Backup

Integrated Smart Storage & Backup

Spiders & Crawlers

Scrapy, Beautiful Soup, LAMP, NAS Servers VPN Routers

Smart Cart

Cameras Parking Sensors Entertainment


Websites, websites websites

Smart Tools

Integrated Smart Storage & Backup


STEM- Maths, Physics, Engineering etc HTML, CSS, .PHP, JS, Python etc

Incube-8 - Projects

Thanks to our sponsors at Goldhat, &, we bring you various projects follow along, Smart Home, AI & Robotics Projects. Our unique technology lets you easily grasp complex issues and immediately put them into practice.

Incube-8 Smart Analytical Planning (iSAP)

Organisation made easy

Incube-8 Smart Home

Better understanding, greater control

For more details click on an image below or visit our website:

Incube-8 - Smart

Incube-8 Smart Video Internet Protocol

iS-VIP Security & Entertainment

Smart Car

Dual boot system- Android & Raspian

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