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What am I trying to do?

Create a small business/home network

  • Create a (superfast) LAN subnet which can handle any security cameras storage.
  • If hosting websites then ensure that it is secure
  • Rationalise the VPN and the Virgin network
  • Check DNS are not conflicting


Next step

  • Research and Plan
    • Research read guides below
    • Then write requirements,
    • work out if I need to get anything plan and save to google drive
  • Current File Structure
  • Future File Structure
  • Test HDD disks and add list of working disks
  • Back up and working disks an then format





Current network switches and routers

  • Virgin router Router
  • tp link 5 switch
  • 24 switch
  • 8 switch
  • ?? router dd-wrt with VPN installed
  • router with dd-wrt pre installed



  • Provide network storage to multiple devices
  • Backup laptop, PC, google drives, everything
  • Storage for cameras
  • Use as a central repository for information, especially sensitive
  • Balance load requirements for storage, backup and access
  • Accessible remotely
  • Security/Encryption

Current Hardware

  • Buffalo NAS 8TB
  • Buffalo NAS 5TB
  • Multiple harddrives 2.5 & 3.5
  • Multiple SD Cards
  • Google Drives
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