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Aim of website:

  • Portal for tenants
  • Portal for landlords
  • Portal for agents


  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Study Tools

Smart Home:


  • Temperature & Heating
  • Temperature & Heating summary page
    • Temperature
      • Inside front and back door
      • Inside downstairs
    • Consumpt ion
    • Year to date
    • Compared to last year
    • Consumption
    • Cost per unit
    • Overall cost


Samsung smartthings:

Add list of devices:



Record to network mounted NAS drive

  • Open/closer: Front and Backdoor
    • How many?
    • Where are they? – Check bathroom at garage etc
  • Motion sensors

Camera Live Stream

  • Pop out with = Live stream of all camera in a selection of grid views

Motion Gallery by date/time


Capture video


Still Gallery by date/time

Still Gallery Collage put whole days together automatically in a video (try to  have enough stills for 5 mins footage at 30 frames a second)

Calculation we need

  • 30 (frames/sec)
  • 5 minutes total
  • so it is 30 frames per second (X) 60 second per minute (X) 5 minutes which equals =
    • 30 x 60 x 5 =
    • 9000 frames

So if we we simply want to spread the frames per second evenly across the 24 hour period it would be:

24 hour which equals = 24 hours x 60 minutes per hour x 60 seconds per minute = 24 x 60 x 60 = 86,400

Therefore this requires a rate of:

86,400 / 9000 = 1 frame per 9.6 sec


  • Record to network mounted NAS drive
  • Approximate 5 minutes
  • Ideally maintain consistent position
  • Upstairs bedroom

More advanced:

  • However, there are like to be certain times when views are m0re spectacular in particular sunrise, sunset,
  • Night and day – it is also possible to use the above overall rate but allocate different rate to maximize conditions and camera configurations longer exposures for dusk and night shots with less overall shots.
  • Increase frame rate up to dusk and coming up and just after dawn
  • Increase frame rate at rush hour 6-10


  • Create command and routines which launch configs eg motion detection to increase frame rate, resolution and possible (temp) turn off or throttle processes
  • Use number plate recognition
    • build database of number plates
      • then automatically run analysis
    • how many unique cars per day
    • how many passengers per car?
      • individual cars
      • how many cars coloured blue/each colour
      • make
      • model
      • male/female
      • british plates / international plates
      • which other countries
      • what percentage of the cars use the road 1 per week, day,
  • Use facial recognition & machine learning (eg decision tree and/or Boolean logic)
    • identify face from background image
    • auto grant access (if not)
      • authenticate
      • play video?
      • train through games


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