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Overall Goal


  • 5 minutes per hour – Controlled by Wrist Watch alarm and song / playlist or youtube video/playlist
  • 2 week 20 minute walk / run
  • Meditate / Yoga/ stretching


  • Finish smoking earlier and start later
  • Eating Healthly
  • Healthy weight
  • Start to record how many and reduce
  • Increase water consumption – after exercise one glass water


  • Business bank account
  • Investment plan
  • Development plan


  • Tidy Organised House

Intelligent To Do Lists

  • Brainstorm
  • Prioritise according to Einhower Matrix


➀ Do First

First focus
on important tasks
to be done the same day.

➁ Schedule

Important, but
not-so-urgent stuff
should be scheduled.

➂ Delegate

What’s urgent,
but less important,
delegate to others.

➃ Don’t Do

What’s neither urgent
nor important,
don’t do at all.


  • Each Task must be categorized
  • Urgent/Important
  • Eight Task Each Quadrant

Schedule / Calendar

Logic Tree graph – getting things done


  • Google Reminders – What is effective?
  • Subtle vibration
  • then audible alarm, snooze 15 mins x 3
  • Complete? Percentage complete
  • What left to finish


How can this support a positive routine that focuses on activities that enjoyable, productive and interesting?

Next Steps

  • Set up a web page eg google form that user enters brainstorm.
  • Enter items and either save it and continue brainstorm or prioritize.
  • If prioritize using Eisenhower Matrix and GTD schedule.
  • Reminders
  • Checks Completion
  • Lessons learnt

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Elizabeth Francis

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