Coronavirus & Education

How will Covid-19 affect Education?

Bill Gates-  2016[1]

“It’s amazing how little the typical classroom has changed over the years. Picture a teacher standing at a chalkboard, lecturing to 25 or 30 students. The kids all learn at different paces and in different ways, so some are bored while others feel hopelessly behind. This system was designed decades ago, … It’s what I had in mind when I said years ago that high schools (and colleges) are obsolete.”

Will this pandemic affect my children’s education?

Schools have been closed until further notice. I’ve included some great alternatives:

Where can my children learn during the covid-19 out break?

Khan Academy Maths, Science, Computing

Khan academy offers world class learning for people of all ages but is particularly well suited to children with teachers and parents also having access to the learners studying profile so they can help support the students learning. It was founded on a simply idea of “A world class education for anyone, anywhere. 100% free.”

W3Schools – Computing

Provides tutorials and learning about computing.

One to One Language Learning