Medical Imaging and neural networks

instant First opinion diagnostics

Section 1

Instant First Opinion Diagnostics is a project to provide diagnostics tools, for helping to provide analysis of medical images using neural networks in real-time at a low cost. 

The following projects will be demonstrated using neural networks and medical imaging using linux, python and a low powered, low cost, single board device such as a raspberry pi.
The purpose is to provide an open source, medical diagnostic tool with pre-trained libraries and an easy interface to provide real time diagnostic information.
The projects will focus on diseases with a high impact:


Current Projects 

  • cancer 10,000,000
  • respiratory 6,000,000
  • malaria 600,000


Next Projects

  • cardio vascular 17,000,000

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Our Projects

9 million + deaths per year

600,000+ deaths per year


6,000,000+ deaths per year

cardio vascular-

17,000,000+ deaths per year